Super Bowl Ads: Remembering the Best

Posted on Feb 3, 2016
Super Bowl Ads: Remembering the Best

The Super Bowl: an event part battle of brawn, part battle of the brands. It’s a time for cheese fries, war paint, and where production value runs as high as our spirits. Get hyped, because it’s time for you to check out the RDTeam’s lineup of the greatest Super Bowl ads of all time.

Ashleigh: A “Hit” Right to Your Funny Bone

Aired During Super Bowl XLIV (2010)
Betty White is just so damn funny!

Lloyd: Brings a New Meaning to Teamwork

Aired During Super Bowl XLIV (2003)
Office management at it’s best.

Noemi: Brought the Herd

Aired During Super Bowl XXXIV (2000)
The concept is spot on and relatable. Plus, cats, of course!

Angela: A Message that Packs a Bite

Aired During Super Bowl XLIX (2015)
Fast-paced and hard-hitting message, great script and shots. Plus, voice talent was Aaron Paul. Swoon.

Steven, Jackson, & Cathleen:
May the Cute Be With You

Aired During Super Bowl XLV (2011)
This ad didn’t deliver any information about the product, but this spot got 10 million views on YouTube before the big game even aired. 

Bailey: The Ad Your Ad Should Think Like

Aired During Super Bowl XLIV (2010)
This ad had a dual strategy by both targeting both the primary consumer (dudes) and the chief purchaser/influencer (chicks). It also exhibited high levels of hilarity and “aesthetic” value.

Nathan: This Ad Has Game

Aired During Super Bowl XXVII (2013)
Having arguably two of the greatest players ever doing this trick shot competition led to all of us doing this for years to come. Brings back lots of good memories.

Elizabeth: This One Only Gets Better with Age

Aired During Super Bowl XLVII (2013)

Meredith: Into the Minds of Our Felines

Aired During Super Bowl XLIX (2015)
This ad truly causes those of us that wish they knew what was going on in cats’ heads to laugh out loud.

Shelby: A Spot for Growth

Aired During Super Bowl XLVII (2014)
Simple, but moving. Made the viewer appreciate Dodge when even when they happened to be a true Ford lover.

Brittney: Just Wait for the Punchline

Aired During Super Bowl XLV (2011)
There are few things cuter than a pug running in slow-mo.

Marcos: Can’t…Look…Away…

Aired during Super Bowl XLVII (2013)
Valued most for its shock value, as well as the enormous buzz it generated.

Carrie: A Pretty Sweet Choice

Aired during Super Bowl MMXIV (2014)
Gotta love the twist at the end!

Michaela: Don’t Goad the Goat

Aired during Super Bowl XLVII (2013)
An unexpected ending and featuring screaming goats-which is always funny.

There were so many to pick from. What is your favorite past Super Bowl commercial?