My Favorite Ads Ever: Intern Edition

Posted on Oct 17, 2016
My Favorite Ads Ever: Intern Edition

Written by Laura Gonzalez

We’ve all been guilty of muting out that small persistent voice itching to grab our attention to announce the 25 percent sale promotion at Nordstrom Rack or the new exotic Lay’s flavor. Within the thousands of ads consumers are exposed to daily (yes, really), there’s one or two that are provocative, memorable and even tear-jerking. Below are my top three favorite ads that pose earth-shattering creativity and incredulous brilliance, and remind me why I’m passionate about advertising.

Imagine the Possibilities with Barbie from Mattel

Goosebumps infiltrated my body when Mattel challenged the status quo with the question, “What happens when girls are free to imagine they can be anything?” in the “Imagine The Possibilities with Barbie campaign. This two-minute spot made it into my top three favorite ads because it featured young girls stepping into the roles of a neuroscience professor, an assertive soccer coach and even a savvy business boss lady through a Barbie doll. Mattel reminds us about the limitless, empowering possibilities playtime with Barbie can bring to a girl who is beginning to paint colorful mental scenarios of her capabilities and dreams.

Believe In Your Power from Duracell

As the first in my family to attend college, there have been many twists and turns I’ve had to ride out in this rollercoaster to be able to Beyoncé stroll across the stage this December. The “Trust Your Power” ad hits home for me because the brand that is ‘trusted everywhere’ reminds us to believe in our potential while strategically binding itself to a national phenomenon many Americans love to indulge in through their television sets on Sunday. Duracell humanized football star, Patrick Willis, by showing adversities he had to overcome that would have sent many into power-off mode. Raised in an impoverished community by a single father battling addiction empowered Willis to see beyond and trust in his power to become a 49er linebacker legend.

“Emily’s Oz” from Comcast/XFINITY

This ad allowed me to experience the magic that lives inside a blind person’s mind through Emily, a seven-year-old girl who was selected by Comcast to describe what she sees when watching the classical film, “The Wizard of Oz.” The broadcasting and cable television company then brought Emily’s mental imagery to life through the syndicated use of props, vibrant costumes and a pair of sparkly red shoes, of course. If this wasn’t enough, the ad also introduces Comcast’s Talking Guide, a voice guidance tool built for people with visual disabilities, granting them a ticket to indulge in entertainment, free of limitations.

It’s no mystery there are countless ads aggressively circulating in print, digital, radio and television channels slowly waiting to hook us on an emotional, my-head-is-whirling level. Outside of the redundant, ‘play-it-safe’ ads lie one or two that break the mold and are embedded eternally in the depths of our souls and buying impulses. What are your favorite ads?