My Favorite Ads Ever: Intern Edition IV

Posted on Apr 5, 2017
My Favorite Ads Ever: Intern Edition IV

Written By: Mikela Johnson

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the stress, failures, and pains of everyday life. So, I’m captivated when I see an ad that makes me stop what I’m doing and regain perspective on the beauty of life. Today we are constantly being bombarded with ads vying for our attention; desperate to have us buy the newest and greatest products. It’s refreshing when an ad steps back and takes a more artistic approach to connect the brand with consumers. Below I’ve chosen three ads I believe have perfected the art of engaging their audience by connecting with us on a deeper level.

Balloons from Apple

I chose this ad because of the vivid imagery that sucks you in while also captivating your mind with a sweet melody.  As the music plays softly, we watch a story of a single red balloon as it embarks on a journey to a far away place. This ad really spoke to me being a college student far from my family.  Apple did an amazing job showing consumers how technology can be a helpful tool to alleviate distance, no matter how far. I love this ad because it highlights the intimacy and simplicity of small moments, like a text from home.

Brotherly Love from Coca-Cola

This ad is special to me because it allows me to reminisce on childhood memories with my older sister. Coca-Cola as a brand capitalizes on sentimental and traditional family values. Many people may see this commercial as cliché, but I think that’s what gives Coca-Cola its charm. Overall I’m a sucker for a sweet, feel-good ad, and that’s exactly what Coca-Cola is going for in both this spot and their entire “Taste the Feeling” campaign.

Giving from True Move

TrueMove, a Thai mobile phone company, created this ad as part of “The True Meaning of Giving” campaign. When I saw this ad several years ago, I knew nothing about marketing or advertising. However, I knew how I felt when I watched it. The raw, emotional experience when I watch this ad is exactly why it’s my all-time favorite. I think everyone can relate to hitting rock bottom and needing help. That’s what makes this ad so easy to connect with. This ad tells a beautifully scripted and touching story, reminding us of our greatest duty on earth: to be kind to one another.

Brands that can tap into my emotions and make me feel something always leave a lasting impression on me. When I see brands in stores and remember what they made me feel; it creates a subconscious brand loyalty.  I fell in love with advertising because of this idea that you can infiltrate a consumer’s mind, and learn how to appeal to specific audiences through one ad.