2017 Employee Declarations

Posted on Jan 9, 2017
2017 Employee Declarations

With the final seconds of 2016 having ticked away, we celebrated a year that allowed some of us to make off like Michael Phelps at the Rio Olympics—and said farewell to a year that took Harambe from us. Nevertheless, we’re greeting 2017 with a fresh perspective, a positive attitude and by sharing our highly-entertaining set of declarations. Take a peek, enjoy and be sure to drop us a comment with your goals for the new year!

What is your New Year’s Declaration? 

Meagan Scholz: Pass all 4 parts of my CPA exam.RD Thomas Advertising

Michaela Yarbrough: Not overthink my New Year’s Declaration.employee-declaration-michaela

Caroline Taylor: Learn how to adult better.employee-declaration-caroline

Noemi Martinez: Start drawing a comic.employee-declaration-noemi

Caitlin Alvarez: I shall read all the books I have stacked at home.employee-declaration-caitlin

Rachel Hayes: In 2017 I will attempt to learn how to incorporate the term “y’all” in conversation.employee-declaration-rachel

Angela Guthrie: To chill out!employee-declaration-angela

David Patton: To catch ’em all.employee-declaration-david

Jenabeth Morgan: Get more sleep and learn how to adult!employee-declaration-jenabeth

Marcos Palacios: Be a better version of me every single day.employee-declaration-marcos

Jackson Kennedy: I will dine out less often and cook more!

Michele Ponciano: Less cursing, more hugging.RD Thomas Advertising

Ashleigh Sawyer: To end the year with the same number of dogs I started the year with…no more, no less!employee-declaration-ash

Courtney Killian: Resolutions are so basic. #Blessedemployee-declaration-courtney

Shonda Crutchfield: It’s boring but the truth… get in the best shape of my life. I have a big birthday this summer. :)employee-declaration-shonda

Tyler McKnight: To make Ashleigh my best friend.employee-declaration-tyler

Laura Gonzalez: To become comfortable with being uncomfortable and lead each day with the mentality it is my last.employee-declaration-laura

Shelby Devonport: To seriously commit to doing daily yoga and drinking MORE……water!employee-declaration-shelby

Makala Pinkston: Teach my dog more tricks.employee-declaration-mak

Blake Lucas: Survive until the end of it.RD Thomas Advertising