Never mediocre.

While most of our clients know us as The Thomas Agency, in 2010 our Lubbock office began operating under a familiar name. This throw-back to our original name, as it appeared when we formed in 1988, marks a resurgence in our company’s mission to deliver brilliant creative and unsurpassed client service.

RD Thomas is a multidisciplinary group of individuals dedicated to producing the most effective and appropriate solution for a client’s needs. We help our clients get ahead and succeed in today’s competitive environments by staying up to date in the ever-changing marketplace through proven strategies and powerful creative solutions.

We have a hard time accepting mediocrity. We wouldn’t be RD Thomas if we did. As a whole, everyone at our agency shares this same understood philosophy. Our commitment against the ordinary, our unrivaled client services, and our exemplary creative products define and separate us from the rest of the pack.


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